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Sebber Kloster Golf Club

Sebber Kloster Golf Club is located in the exceptional nature near Sebbersund. The golf course has been beautifully laid out in a hilly area situated to the west of Sebber Kloster Kirke.

Sebber Kloster Golf Club is one of the country’s most beautiful 18-hole course, with its view over Halkær Bredning (a broad). Here, you will find the exciting, versatile course a challenge to both your skills and senses. Engross yourself in the course, but do remember to enjoy the beautiful surroundings meanwhile.

The first 9 holes are beautifully placed in a fairly open terrain with plenty of slopes. The last 9 holes, on the other hand, clings around trees in a deep forest, where you can truly immerse yourself in the nature and game. All holes will demand your full concentration and effort.

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