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Shelter at Diernæs

Shelter site with access to good walking routes on Camino Haderslev Næs, at Spis Sønderballe and at Slivsøen . It is close to both Vikær Strand Camping, Gåsevig Camping and Sønderballe Strand Camping.

Shelter close to good hiking routes and several campsites

By Diernæs, between Slivsøen and Diernæs beach you will find a small cosy shelter. It is located on a scenic spot with table / bench set and fire pit. Nearby (max. 5 km) you will find both Vikær Strand Camping, Gåsevig Strand Camping and Sønderballe Strand Camping. In the same radius you will also be able to go to Hoptrup town, where there is both a Spar Købmand (grocery store) and a small shop with recycled finds.

Use the opportunity to explore Slivsøen (South Jutland's 3rd largest lake) and it's beautiful surroundings. Pass the lookout tower and see if you can spot the sea eagles that live by the lake. Just nearby you will also find the Spis Sønderballe walking routes, where you can experience both beautiful nature and exciting fruit trees along the way. If you are hiking the Camino Haderslev Næs, this can also be an interesting stop along the way if you need a rest.

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