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Shelter at NatureMoves in Bogense

Stay the night in a shelter in the beautiful nature on the outskirts of Bogense - right next to the forest and not far from shopping opportunities in the cozy market town. Here are both a campfire hut and teepees - and even a playtime cable car available!

Nature Moves in Bogense

Lovely shelter in the NatureMoves area with a bonfire cabin, a pond, a cable car, hammocks, a nature playground, a bike track and teepees.

Enjoy an overnight stay in beautiful surroundings next to the old woods.

The shelter is situated on the edge of the cozy old town of Bogense where you can shop in the many shops, swim in the sea and enjoy many great opportunities for cycling or walking.


  • 1 shelter
  • Room for 4-5 people
  • Camp fire
  • Firewood is available in limited quantities for free use
  • Setting up tents is not allowed

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