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Silkeborg - Denmark’s Outdoor Capital

Silkeborg, Denmark's outdoor capital, is beautifully located in the centre of Jutland and in the middle of the beautiful Lake District Søhøjlandet. Silkeborg is known for its beautiful lakes, large forested areas and hilly landscape, inviting you to enjoy fun and active outdoor activities.

Silkeborg is a cosy town with a pleasant, active city centre surrounded by beautiful nature. Denmark's longest river, Gudenåen, runs through the city, and water plays a major role for both the city and the people who live and work here. That's why Silkeborg has rightly been dubbed Denmark's Outdoor Capital.

It is precisely here that you will find the largest contiguous forest area in Denmark. Together with the incredible lake system, through which the Gudenå River also runs, the nature around Silkeborg also welcomes you to an active outdoor life - which can be perfectly rounded off with a visit to one of the city's many cosy eateries.

Plenty of activities both indoors and outdoors

There is something for everyone, regardless of age and interest. Visit Badeanstalten anno 1920 under Silkeborg Library and treat yourself to a steam bath, herbal bath, mud bath or salt bath in a nostalgic setting, take the kids to Northern Europe's largest freshwater aquarium, AQUA, or hire a canoe, swim in the lakes and experience nature from Gudenåen with an overnight stay at one of the cosy camping or campsites along the river.

Art and culture flourish all year round with plenty of exhibitions, concerts and performances.

Silkeborg is located in the centre of the Lake District Søhøjlandet and is part of the Aarhus Region and is a good starting point for trips and excursions both on land and sea.

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