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Street Art in the city centre

The urban space in Vejle has undergone a colorful transformation! See all the fantastic motifs in various locations around the city.

Both in 2024 and 2023, many of Vejle's gables on buildings and other places around the city have been adorned with beautiful and colorful street art. The works range from realistic portraits to graphic compositions, from stencil art to 3D. When you walk through the streets of Vejle, you will experience a world of creativity, colors, and urban expression, so remember to look up.

Vejle Street Art is organized by Vejle Municipality in collaboration with City Vejle and the artist Eske Touborg Studio, along with new relevant partners and sponsors each year.

Here you can find Vejle's street art:

You can find the works created in 2024 on the facades along Dæmningen. The works from 2023 can be found in the parking lot behind Føtex in the pedestrian street Nørregade 15-27.

Artist of Street art 2024

The artists behind the works created in 2024 are a good mix of local, national, and international artists who together have created a spectacular showcase of street art in all its forms. In total, 13 talented artists have contributed to creating the works. The artists came from, among other places, Vejle, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Italy, France, Australia, and Germany.

The works were created by: Bond Truluv, Britta Egebjerg, Peter Dam, Laila Dianne Vangsgaard, Hege Dalsgaard, Dagmar Petersen, Invisibly, George Rose, Dina Lea, Chaldea, Giuseppe Amed, Andreas Welin.

You can read much more about the individual artists and their works: Follow this link and read more about Vejle's Street Art - Vejle Kommune

In 2024, Vejle Street Art was made possible in collaboration with Edit & Gotfred Kirk Christiansen's Foundation, IZA, Tortilla Flats, Nordsjö, Schuller Eh’Klar, MTN Montana Colours, Drips CPH, and Graffiti Bible.

Artist of Street art 2023

The artists behind the works created in 2023 include 11 local artists and 4 guest artists. A total of 15 works were created on the previously empty gables and walls in the parking lot behind Føtex in the pedestrian street. From scissor lifts and scaffolds, gables and walls were painted with beautiful motifs and words - all under the theme 'we give more than we take'.

The works were created by the artists: Berit Bærentsen, Britta Egebjerg, Danail Kraev, Jens Jacobsen, Jonathan (Facio), Jules Leduc, Junette Bay, Nanna Nør, Olivia Linn, Stine Ofelia, Maria Tonsgaard, Eske Touborg, Christoffer Bukh, Peter Skensved, and Jens Stentoft. Stop by and experience the transformation from the dull empty walls and gables to great street art.

In 2023, Vejle Street Art was made possible in collaboration with CityVejle, Føtex, EWII, PIFT, Nordsjö, MTN Montana Colours, Artusbyg, and Stark.

Guide list Street Art 2024

  1. Bond Truluv, Vissingsgade 22, 7100 Vejle, Gable painting, Visit Bond's website and social media: www.truluv.de / (@bondtruluv) • Instagram

  2. Britta Egebjerg, Vissingsgade 22, 7100 Vejle, Fence towards the small parking area, Visit Britta's social media: (@brittaegebjerg_) • Instagram

  3. Peter Dam, Vissingsgade 22, 7100 Vejle, Blue painted stones, Visit Peter's website: www.damdeluxe1.wixsite.com

  4. Laila Dianne Vangsgaard, Dæmningen 23, 7100 Vejle, Wooden fence towards the parking area, Visit Laila's social media: www.instagram.com/lailadiannevangsgaard_art  / (@lailadiannevangsgaard_art) • Instagram

  5. Dina Lea, Dæmningen 23, 7100 Vejle, Metal fence in the parking area, Visit Dina Lea's website and social media: www.dinalea.com / (@dina_lea) • Instagram

  6. Hege Dalsgaard, Dæmningen 23, 7100 Vejle, Mosaic wall in the parking area, Visit Hege's website and social media: www.hege.dk/vejlesmosaik / (@hege.dk) • Instagram

  7. Intvis, Dæmningen 19A, 7100 Vejle, Gable painting, Visit Intvis' website and social media: www.intvis.be / (@intvisarts) • Instagram

  8. Giuseppe "Amed", Dæmningen 46A, 7100 Vejle, Gable painting, Visit Giuseppe "Amed" website and social media: www.giuseppeamed.com  / @giuseppeamed • Instagram

  9. George Rose, Dæmningen 38, 7100 Vejle, Gable painting, www.georgerose.com.au/about / (@george_rose) • Instagram

  10. Kaldea, Dæmningen 42C, Gable painting, Visit Kaldea's website and social media: www.kaldeanakajima.com / (@kaldea) • Instagram

  11. Adrian Falkner "Smash137", Havnegade 5A (gable towards Nara Sushi), Visit Smash137 social media: (@smash137) • Instagram

  12. Andreas Welin, Havnegade 28 (gable), Visit Andreas' website and social media: www.welin-one.com / (@welinoo) • Instagram

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