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The "Svanen" Cruises

A sailing trip with the Swan on Mariager Fjord is an exceptionally beautiful and idyllic journey that takes you through a stunning landscape filled with nature and cultural-historical experiences.

The Swan (Svanen) - Sailing on Mariager Fjord

The journey on the beautiful fjord creates a fantastic space and allows you to enjoy nature in the company of your loved ones. The area surrounding Mariager Fjord is indeed filled with exciting opportunities and unique moments.

Mariager Fjord is Denmark's longest actual fjord, with a length of 42 km, where Hobro lies at the innermost part with its cozy streets and lively harbor.

You decide where the trip starts, but if you join from Hobro, you first pass through the Østerskoven, which houses tall beech trees and old oak thickets. Then follows the north side of the fjord and the protected Bramslev Bakker, a preserved natural area of ​​about 300 hectares. The area offers a lot of fantastic nature experiences for the whole family.

All sailings on the Swan are a sure hit for young and old, but to ensure you have a place on board, it is recommended that you book your ticket online before departure.


Regular sailings

The Swan is located at the harbor in Hobro, where the Hobro Værft, Lystfarttøjsmuseet, and Vikingemuseet Fyrkat are not far away.

The first call for a sailing trip on the Swan is in May, while the last call is in September.

See the schedule for the Swan's regular sailings or book your ticket here.


Events - special sailings

From June, the Swan sails the Triangle Route, where you can combine a sailing trip with a train ride on the Vintage Railway, followed by a bus ride from Handest to Hobro or vice versa. After boarding, you can lean back and enjoy the atmosphere, which takes you back about 75 years. How you want to combine the trip regarding the schedule and starting point is up to you.

The Triangle Route ticket grants free admission to the Mariager Museum for the rest of the 2023 season - so remember to keep the ticket.

As something completely new, strong forces have come together and a new concept is now ready. The tour is called "Salt Tour" with the subtitle "on rails, by water, and in the forge." The tour includes a ride on the Veterantoget, a visit to the Mariager Saltcenter including a tour and a meal at Café Salt, and finally, a cozy sail on the Mariager Fjord with the Swan. Check prices and the sailing schedule here.

The Swan also has other events on the program. Experience, among other things:

  • Evening sails with a grill buffet every Wednesday, and Friday in July and August.
  • Light regatta in Mariager on September 14th.


Beverages and Snacks

On the Swan, you always have the opportunity to buy hot and cold beverages and snacks on board. If you want the easy choice, you can supplement with a good lunch. However, this should be done a few days before departure.


Customer Service

FjordTours wants to make it as easy as possible for you. Therefore, you can always book tickets online at fjordtours.dk. If you have other questions about booking, send an email to info@fjordtours.dk.

If you want to book as a company or organization, please call +45 35 11 35 39.

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