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Tambohus Natural Harbour - Thyholm

Tambohus Natural Harbour 
A fantastic harbour atmosphere with enviroment.When you are on a tour at the Limfjord then you should try the new Tambohus Natural Harbour in Tambohus at Thyholm – situated opposite the west coast of the island Jegindø. A real natural environment. The harbour was renovated in 2007/08. 

Tambohus Natural Harbour is gathering point for kayaking. Interesting routes has their starting point from the harbour and you can always get help planning an interesting route.

Harbour master Thomas Normark – phone +45 6177 8754
Entering fact: boats up to 220 cm
Number of boats: up to 8-10 yachts
Toilet facilities
Trailer slope
Tambohus Inn, famous royal privileged inn with 1. class cuisine especially fish dishes.
Position: 56° 38,1’N 08° 35,8’ E  

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