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Tømmerby Viking Burial Site

The Højstrup Burial Site between Vesløs and Tømmerby in Thy consists of about a hundred mounds and elevations as well as a myriad of monumental stones. Some erected by the mounds, others on the mounds.

The Viking burial site is from approx. year 800.

A large part of the monumental stones form the shape of a ship. One of the shapes is preserved almost intact. It is 30 meters long - a real longship - which had room for about 30 rowers. With ships of this size, the Vikings could sail across the sea to Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

At the end of the last century, the National Museum carried out excavations of the site, where it turned out that the burial site is a mixture of graves with burnt-out corpses and burnt bone graves. The dead were given grave goods in the form of knives, sharp stones, glass beads and iron axes.

The burial site was declared a protected area in 1881.

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