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Training Pavilion by Vejen Sports Centre

The training pavilion (Træningspavillionen) by the athletic field behind the Vejen Sports Centre is an outdoor playground for children and adults. Here you enjoy the opportunity to exercise the fun way and experience close contact with nature.

The nine different tools in the training pavilion challenge your balance, strength and coordination. There are small signs at the pavilion, which with pictograms show how you can use the various tools – and then you can add your own ideas, too. The tools can be used by anyone regardless of fitness level and therefore provide good opportunities for shared physical activities with the family. Why not reach the training pavilion by a brisk walk or short run? – together or individually.

If there are no other users of the athletics tracks then you are welcome to take a few laps. If you prefer longer running trails then head to the two routes, Hjertestien and ParkRun, beyond the training pavilion.

The butterfly-shaped sails offer good shelter in rainy weather. The Training Pavilion is open for users all day.

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