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Treelife Skycamp

Skycamp is a different and very comfy outdoor concept.

Whether you're the adventurous outdoor enthusiast or someone who just wants to relax with a good book in the peace and quiet of the forest, the Skycamp package is sure to be for you.

Skycamp is built around "flying" tree tents. A tree tent is a tent that is stretched out between three large trees so that it is suspended in the air, much like a tree house in the forest.

The tents are a good size and have plenty of room for three adults or a family of two adults and two children. In addition to the wooden tent, a survival kit is also provided. The survival kit contains everything you need to survive in the forest. Cast iron fire pots, saw, axe, crockery and much more.

Skycamp is the perfect setting for cosiness and well-being with your loved ones. An experience you'll never forget.

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