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The UFO is located at the Ringvej Syd - Viborgvej roundabout. The UFO is not related to any of the other sculptures.

The UFO is the story of the unknown and the unexpected. The interpretation of it can be both humorous and serious.

The first story tells us that it is existentially ironic that you can cover millions of light years travelling through the universe and still be seven metres off-target in the end. It is an experience which most of us figuratively speaking can give a nod of recognition. As such the UFO encourages other road users to maintain a humorous view of life.

The serious story is about what our planet looks like. Is it so presentable that we are ready to receive guests from other solar systems? Or does it happen in our house that one child gets too much and two other children live in poverty? And is that the reason why we have not yet had visitors from out of space? The UFO also encourages us to consider what we would say to guests who do not miss the landing ground...

The form was inspired by the flying saucer, the way that UFOs used to look in the good old days. The way they look in science fiction films, blurred photographs, and dubious accounts.

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