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VedersøSlagterens farm shop in Klegod

Welcome to VedersøSlagterens farm shop in Klegod.

Here you can find a range of local delicious products, in addition to VedersøSlagterens own quality cuts of meat and cold cuts, you can also buy the following products: Lille Holmgård Håndbryg, Søbogaard, Møn Dragée, Pastariget, Svendborg Sennetsfabrik, Hedekaffe and fresh local vegetables.

The shop is open every day from 7-19.

At VedersøSlagteren, they value their customers' individual preferences and are happy to customise their offer to match your wishes, from special meat cuts to food delivery.

You can also order products on their website and have quality meat delivered directly to your home or holiday home.

If you're a hunter, you can also bring in your own game. VedersøSlagteren offers to carve the animal exactly according to your wishes. In addition, we can produce delicious cured sausages, smoked fillets and venison legs, all vacuum-packed and clearly labelled with information and easy cooking instructions.

In the farm shop you will also find a selection of local speciality beers from Lille Holmgård Håndbryg

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