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The Vestbirk Lakes

Quite close to the Uncovered Bridge are three lakes, all part of the Gudenå River. The lakes, which are artificially created, today form a lovely natural area offering opportunities for various outdoor activities.

The three sisters

In the beautiful natural area of Bakkelandet, in the southern part of the Lake Highlands, lie many large natural attractions. Quite close to several of these are three lakes in a row – Vestbirk Lake, Bredvad Lake, and Naldal Lake. The lakes are known among canoeists on the Gudenå River, hikers and cyclists on the Horsens-Silkeborg Nature Trail, and overnight guests at Vestbirk Camping, which is beautifully situated between the lakes.


Artificial lakes

The very existence of these three lakes can be credited to the nearby hydropower plant Vestbirk Vandkraftværk. In 1924, the hydropower plant was built to utilize the natural water power of the Gudenå River. But to get the right water drop, the course of the Gudenå was altered and the Vestbirk Lakes were created.

Now, Vestbirk Vandkraftværk is set to close, as the Gudenå is being restored to its original course. Consequently, the lakes will no longer be part of the Gudenå in the future but will be fed by groundwater springs.


A wealth of functions

Vestbirk Lakes are best known as part of the canoeing experience on the Gudenå. At Vestbirk Camping, you can rent a canoe or rowboat and explore the lakes by water.

On foot or by bicycle, you can experience the lakes from the Horsens-Silkeborg Nature Trail. You can also walk or cycle around the lakes via Søvejen, Vestbirkvej, Møllehøjvej, and Gammelstrupvej – a tour of about 10 km, which also takes you past the Uncovered Bridge and Vestbirk Vandkraftværk.

The Vestbirk Lakes are also a good spot for bird enthusiasts. Here, you can spot waterfowl such as greylag geese, swans, coots, pochards, cormorants, and herons – and not least the beautiful blue kingfisher.

Naldal Lake has quite good bathing water and is excellent as a bathing lake. You can access it from the Vestbirk Camping parking lot and walk east from there along a path. At the end of the path is a section of lakeshore from which you can swim.


Fishing at Vestbirk Lakes

At Vestbirk Camping, you can buy a fishing permit, which gives access to fishing in Vestbirk Lakes. The staff are happy to help with tips on good spots. Here, you might catch pike, perch, eel, burbot, roach, and bream. Remember, in addition to the fishing permit, you also need the national fishing license.


About Vestbirk Camping

Vestbirk Camping is incredibly idyllic and peaceful, nestled between the Vestbirk Lakes. The campsite is a good choice for those who love to engage in outdoor activities. If you don't have a caravan, you can rent a cabin or a glamping tent.

You are also welcome at the campsite as a guest. Here, you can buy an ice cream or, during the summer, a meal. It is also possible to buy access to their heated pool.


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