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Vestjysk Friluftcenter - challenging outdoor experiences

Vestjysk Friluftcenter is one of Jutland's largest providers of outdoor activities. Here you get a different experience.

The activities take place in a fun and positive way, where everyone can participate actively regardless of age and physique. Common sense, humor and many years of experience with many types of people are some of our core competencies.

Vestjysk Friluftcenter offers the following activities and events


At land

Archery, ax throwing - a real savage sport - team building exercises and paintball. For example, Bow Battle is a fun team game where you shoot each other with bow and arrow! Arc Battle is a mix of dead ball, chieftain game and paintball where the arrows fly through the air.


At sea

Driving with amphibians 6x6 for two people. The amphibians pull on all three axles, so you can both sail and climb steep hills on land. You get more speed across the field in the RIB boats. We collaborate with RIBaction on sailing with some of Denmark's fastest RIB boats.
We guarantee high speed and challenging sailing.


In the air

Rappelling, climbing and cable car.

The activities are suitable for individuals, companies, schools and institutions.

Vestjysk Friluftcenter is located in a scenic area by one of the country's largest plantations Klosterheden. Here there is rich wildlife, forest lakes, streams, shelters, campfire sites, forest playgrounds and more.

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