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Vingsted Lake

Historic weapon offering marsh back in the Iron Age and is today a fishing lake in the edge of the Vejle River Valley.

Vingsted Lake is located between Bredsten and Ødsted on the edge of the Vejle River Valley. The 6-hectare lake is one of the country’s 25 lakes and bogs from the Iron Age, known as “weapon offering bogs.”

By the lake, you can find bulrushes, willow bushes, and Denmark’s most poisonous plant, hemlock water dropwort. In the lake, there are pike, perch, and roach, and it serves as an excellent breeding ground for common toads. Fishing is also possible in the lake.

History from the Iron Age

"The weapon offering bog" contains offerings of large quantities of valuable weapons and equipment in lakes and bogs, interpreted as war booty offerings after defeated invasion armies from southern Norway and the area around Gothenburg.

Everything suggests that the findings in Vingsted Lake, which belongs to one of the country’s small weapon offering bogs, come from a large offering around the year 250 AD. The items can be seen at the Culture Museum in the Spinning Mills in Vejle. Follow this link to read more about the Cultural Museum.

At the eastern end of the lake, you can see two copies of god statues found in bogs from the Iron Age. They represent the Vanir gods, Njord and Nerthus. The figures are part of the Iron Age activities at the Iron Age Village in Vingsted. Follow this link and read more about the Iron Age Village in Vingsted

Fishing in Vingsted Lake

It is possible to fish in the lake, provided you familiarize yourself with the local rules. Fishing is allowed in the lake all year round except for April, when the lake is protected to accommodate the pike spawning. Follow this link and read more about Vingsted Sø and Fishing lisence.

Other Activities Nearby

There is a hiking route, with the color yellow, that takes you past Vingsted Lake and the Iron Age environment in Vingsted. It is a great tour to experience the nature and history around Vingsted Lake, the "Weapon Offering Bog." Find other hiking trails and information about the Vingsted area as well. Follow this link to read more about the Yellow Route, find a brochure with other routes and information about Vingsted Lake.

The Iron Age Village in Vingsted and Vingsted Historical Workshop is an educational and cultural activity site for schools and groups. The Iron Age environment includes a number of reconstructed Iron Age farms with associated workshop houses. The area can be visited, but please respect any activities taking place.

The area also includes the Vingsted Hotel and Conference Center and an area with shelters, a campfire site, tables and benches, a wading area, and an underwater box. Follow this link and read more about VINGSTED hotel & konferencecenter (visitvejle.com).


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