Høstemark Forest and Bog

The forest and bog of "Høstmark" are enclosed with a fence. The natural forest of Danish hardwood trees are predominant in the forest of "Høstmark" but foreign coniferous trees such as common spruce and stika spruce have also been planted.

For centuries the forest has been a grazing forest with untethered cattle and domestic pigs. The grazing of the red deers has preserved the open plains and for that reason there is a sunny forest floor with a large animal life today.

The bog of "Høstemark" covers about 140 hectares and is the north eastern remnant of the original raised bog "Lille Vildmose". In the 18 th century "Lille Vildmose" probably covered 6000 hectares.

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Høstemark Skov Lille Vildmose
9280 Storvorde


+45 99 31 75 50


  • Type

    • Forest
    • Bog



Longitude : 10.214115
Latitude : 56.938133